Donor Pool

Empower the future of open and decentralized education

Your contribution can revolutionize the way educational resources are created and shared globally.

By joining our Donor Pool, you're directly supporting a platform that aims to democratize access to quality education. Your contribution helps in producing higher quality resources, promoting economic inclusion, and ensuring equal opportunities for all.

Stats & Facts on dTeach

  • 10 highest quality resources created
  • +20.000 resource views
  • +50 peer reviews
  • fair compensation
  • community engagement

How donations are used, a transparent breakdown:

  • 50% – Content Creation & Quality Assurance
  • 30% – Platform Development & Maintenance
  • 15% – Community Events & Workshops
  • 5% – Administrative Costs

Recognition: As a token of our appreciation, all our donors are acknowledged on our platform and annual reports.

Updates: Stay informed! Receive quarterly updates on the projects you’ve supported and their impact.

Security: Your security is our priority. All transactions are encrypted and processed through trusted payment gateways.

Benefits of joining the Donor Pool

Donor Pool

Being a part of the dTeach Donor Pool is not just about financial contributions. It’s about being a stakeholder in a global movement. Here, you can access detailed insights into how your donations are fueling the revolution in decentralized education.

Features of the Donor Pool Access:

  1. Transparency Dashboard:

    • View a real-time breakdown of how funds from the donor pool are allocated and utilized.
    • From content creation to platform development, see where every dollar goes.

  2. Project Highlights:

    • Discover the latest educational resources and initiatives made possible by the donor pool.
    • Read stories of educators and learners who’ve been impacted.

  3. Collaborative Opportunities:

    • Engage with other donors, educators, and the dTeach team.
    • Participate in exclusive webinars, workshops, and brainstorming sessions.

  4. Feedback & Suggestions:

    • Your voice matters! Share your thoughts, feedback, and ideas to shape the future of dTeach.
    • Vote on upcoming projects and resource topics.


We are currently working on a login/signup section for the dTeach donor pool, until that please get in touch with

Login/Signup (under construction):

  • Already a donor? Login to access the donor pool.
  • New here? Signup and join our mission.

Navigate & Engage:

  • Once logged in, open your dashboard and start navigating through the many options.
  • Explore the various features, interact with the community, and stay updated on the impact of your contributions.
This project is funded by the Project Catalyst





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